Sunday, February 26, 2006


How do YOU discover new music? I just found the neatest group, The Go! Team, and this is how:

1. Got a job at the Big G
2. Assignment: Blogger
3. Via aforementioned assignment, met Karen W.
4. While waiting in line last summer for the Big G shuttle, noticed Karen W. was unraveling her iPod headphones in anticipation of the mighty trek down 101.
5. Asked if she had any favorite podcasts she listened to on the regular.
6. Reply: "Check out KCRW's Morning Becomes Eclectic"
7. Subscribe to podcast in iTunes, listen to a show. "Eh."

...7 months later...

8. While listening to my "Recently Added" playlist, forget to pause iTunes as I take off my headphones to go eat.
9. Return and put headphones back on, listening to the middle of Morning Becomes Eclectic, featuring "The Go! Team".

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