Sunday, March 26, 2006

Music Night

I've been having some pretty good luck with music lately. It started a few weeks ago when I discovered The Go! Team via iTunes' lovely shuffle function popping up a random podcast I had forgotten I had subscribed to (I blogged about this previously).

Then, my (somewhat-embarassing) obsession with Japanese Shibuya-Kei music and it's flag-bearering superluckyfun group Pizzicato 5 led me to discover Fantastic Plastic Machine.

And that's when it started to get weird. So the deal with Shibuya-Kei is that it's this wacky fusion of Brazilian bossa nova, old school soul, French lounge-pop, hip hop, and 60s movie soundtrack grooves, seen thorugh the spectacles of talented Japanese producer/DJs. Which of course means it's perfectly natural that Fantastic Plastic Machine would lay down a highly-addictive interpretation of the Eurythmics' "There must be an angel" (on his Luxury album). Which i've pretty much been listening to at least 5 times a day for the past three weeks. I don't even like the Eurythmics! And i'm not Japanese! But anyway, of course I downloaded the Eurythmics version of the song, which now I'm into, but mostly because of the hot Stevie Wonder cameo. Unfortunately, you have to endure Annie Lennox's "la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-ing" for a few minutes before Little Stevie Wonder's harmonica shows up in your earhole.

But I digress. This post was really sparked by my four hour listening session last night, during which I rediscovered dozens of hot tracks in my collection (including DJ Nu-Mark's funky "Hot Track", which features a lovably racist Persian skit at the end), some of which hadn't ever been given the privledge of being sonically instantiated by my wonderful Sennheiser HD-555. And as luck would have it, two albums I had been highly anticipating were released last week (I never manage to keep track of album release dates beyond a vague "Aren't xyz releasing something, ummmmmm, this year?): Mates of State's "Bring it Back" and Prince's "3121", although the latter wasn't available on iTunes. I also picked up Black Star's hot "Born & Raised" from Dave Chappelle's Block Party OST, and a few other random tracks and two used CDs from Amazon I will not name but blame the second scotch for telling me to buy.

So, even though I was Coughy McHermit last night, and basically wandered back and forth from my bed to couch over a period of 4 hours, it was still a good evening.

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