Sunday, March 05, 2006


Let's see...

1. Brunch with the Chronicle at Lettus (HORRIBLE french toast. So bad i'm going to write an email).
2. Brunch #2 with the Guardian at Judy's after unsatisfying #1.
3. Read Forbes in the bath, Alan Greenspan style.
4. Interneting on the bed.
5. Decided to brave a muni ride to Union Square (through Chinatown).
6. Got lost in Banana Republic, and felt guilty buying clothes from a store I actually don't like.
7. Rode muni back home. Three foul-mouthed 13 year old black girls and a cholita hopped on. They were talking loud and swearing. Apparentally I was staring at them, though I don't know what they expected me to do given their behavior (one of them was sitting next to me), because when they got off the bus, all three of them gave me the finger and started yelling obscenities at me. I didn't even sigh, or give them a dirty look, or anything!
8. Ate two apples and popped the cork on some wine and read some books and watched three episodes of Weeds and two Arrested Developments and for quite some time.
9. Flaked out on a party I was invited to.

1. Three more episodes of Weeds and two more Arresteds.
2. Brunch with Forbes at Home Plate: "Special Scramble". Topped it off with a cinnamon roll while walking home.
3. Two phone calls.
4. Read Car&Driver in the bath, Lee Iacocca style.
5. Wandered in the rain (with an umbrella of course!)
6. Dinner: Alex's Magical Mush. Oatmeal + Fiber One + flaxseed + raisins. Microwave until mushy. Add milk and honey and enjoy -- your colon will thank you 30 years from now.
7. More interneting in bed and reading and musicing.
8. Cleaned my bathroom and removed a massive amount of lint dustbunnies from behind my bed.


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