Tuesday, May 09, 2006


Yesterday I filled up my tank at the Chevron. Except I forgot to put the gas pumper thing back in the cradle before I drove off. Now, I have only done this one other time in my entire life, and it was pretty embarrassing, but the gas pumper thing just fell out of my pump and hit the ground and I went on my merry way.

Well this time, Ms. Volvo had her lips locked around that gas pump thing and she just didn't want to let go, so as a result the entire pump handle and rubber house operation ripped out of the pump standup deal, and I drove for basically two miles with a gas pump and 10 foot hose dangling out of my car. Finally at an intersection a crazy-old-man in a crazy-old-man-truck yelled at me repeatedly and I finally realized what the fudge was I had done. I was so disoriented by the complete absurdity of the situation that I got lost trying to drive back to the gas station. Thankfully, there was no damage to either my car or the gas pump, and the perturbed man who ran the station managed to reattatch the pump lickity-split.

That is all I have to report. Also sorry for my gas pump terminology ignorance.


kimbalina said...


Glad the gas pump experience worked itself out.

Fashionasia said...

goshh...I dont get it..how is it possible not to realize the whole thing hanging over?!!!

NY Guy said...

That is way cool.

Glad it wasn't me.

schumi_fan said...

One doubt...
From my US Trip experience,if i am right,Shouldn't you pay after the gas is filled?
And you didn't realize this pump being connected in the car,even after paying?

Because for me,it always used to be a nuisance..as the pump stuff which is hanging out used to be a blocker while paying..(i used to jump around and swipe the card).

Anonymous said...

Ok, so I just did this. I fucking drove off, and I rip the pump right out of the station. I drive 2 miles home. I get out of my car, see it, and just thing WTF.

I pull the pump and hose out, stash it near some trees.

I'm not sure how fucked I am at this point. Is it broken? How much will this cost me? Can I just pretend it didn't happen?

So, of course, I check the internet. Your post convinces me that I might not get financially destroyed here, so I take a chance and take it back. I walk inside the station and the Indian guy stares me down. I'm like, I'm so sorry - I have it in my trunk. He tells me to go put it back on. So, I go back to my trunk and get it out, and walk past this guy who seriously just starts laughing. I hook it up (which isn't hard by the way, this must happen often enough). I avoid eye contact, and get the fuck out of there ASAP.

No harm done, apparently. That said, never again.

shawn said...

oh that is so hilarious! That just happened to me!

Read it here: http://www.doodlegirl.com/2007/03/you-drove-off-with-gas-pump.html

Mona Samy said...

Nice , It was hard to me to beleive that , Great .

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