Saturday, December 25, 2010

Vartan Enterprises LLC

As some of you know, I've done stuff in ecommerce since college. Started off selling refurbished consumer electronics on eBay, from my dorm room. Started selling a few other niche products. It's sorta just for fun, I've outsourced all the operations, support, shipping - and it doesn't require a whole lot of my time, and even though they are (very) small time, it's still interesting. Check them out: -- sandal I designed and got manufactured starting in 2004. Sheepskin beach flipflops. -- beautiful succulent-plants wreath. One of a kind, and an awesome gift! -- used to sell steel butane pocket torches in college. This one is sorta for old times sake and because I already had the domain. -- bought the domain after seeing the movie Juno; 3 weeks later decided it would be easy to set up one-page storefront and import the phones from china. Sold a few thousand of them over 3 years with near-zero time commitment.

I've got one or two other mini-store ideas up my sleeve, so keep watch!

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